Just like you receive your form submissions via email, you also have the option to receive your form submissions via SMS. This is handy if you're a tradesman spending a lot of time working and on the road and find using SMS easier. As soon as the form is submitted, the SMS is sent within seconds, so you can follow up your leads straight away.

This is available on all Business plans and above.

Add form-to-SMS to your form

When viewing your form settings, on the right had side you can enable form-to-sms. Once you enable it you will be presented with a form that enables you to add the phone number where you want to send the SMS to and the Message / Response you want to send. Any form fields that are available (data you're collecting in your Hyperform) to you will be shown as green tokens (shown below).

You need to be mindful that a standard SMS message length is 160 characters. So if your Message / Response goes over 160 characters, it will cost you more than 1 SMS message. This can happen when collecting/sending fields like a Message field where you don't know what the form submitter is going to type.

You can protect yourself from this happening by truncating messages into a single message. This will make sure it only sends 1 SMS by chopping any characters over 160 off the end.
Add an auto-responder