Email Auto-Responder

When collecting form information you have the option to send an Email Response to the person submitting the form. This option is available on all Business plans and above.

Add an auto-responder

When viewing the settings for your form, on the right you have the option to add an Auto-Responder. When you click that you will be presented with a form that will enable you to add the details the recipient will see when they receive the auto-response. You will need to be collecting an email address in your form, this form input would need to be of type="email", you can still name it whatever you like.

The fields that are available for you to use are shown as tokens in green. These match up with the form input names you have created. If you have not yet submitted a form via Hyperforms, you will not see any available tokens to use. So make sure you at least submit a test form first.

You can use the form tokens for the Send to Email Address and the Message / Response as you can see in the image below.
Add an auto-responder