What is a form endpoint service?

What is a form endpoint service?

If you are just starting out in creating Jamstack based sites or even just a standard static HTML website, you may have heard other people in the industry discuss using a form endpoint service. As the name doesn't really give too much away, you would be quite right to ask, what exactly is it? and what is it used for?

If you are looking into building a website or landing page for your business, side hustle or even personal page, you may at some point need to offer a way for your visitors to get in touch with you. Now that could be by displaying a phone number on your website or email address, sure. More commonly though, you tend to want to offer a way of your visitors being able to send you (or your company) a message but with less friction as possible. A visitor might not want to call someone right now or it may be a hassle to copy down the email address, fire up your email, type something and send it. So that's where a contact form or lead generation form comes in. It enables the visitor to complete a sort form, hit send and it's done. That form submission is then (somehow) magically sent into your inbox, but how does that contact form get sent and end up in your inbox? With something more commonly known as form to email.

Traditionally before form endpoint services existed you would have to use a separate backend code script that has to run on a server, using a language like PHP or Python. This is not alway easy to setup or configure. Especially if you're just starting out in frontend coding, backend coding is a whole different ball game. So you may have to hire another developer or pay someone else... yuck.. it can get messy, but that's what you have to do, until now.

Form endpoint service explained

To cut out all the of hassle of coding a script yourself, learning a new coding language, using a consultant or service like People Per Hour. You can speed the whole process up and save you bags of time (and money) by using a form endpoint service.

A form endpoint service (like Hyperforms) does all of the backend work for you. The service provides all the backend code that's tried & tested, that handles the emails, can handle multiple recipients and is hosted on production servers for you. Doesn't that sound great? and you know the best bit? All you need to do is point your contact form at the service with a simple unique form endpoint address, then the rest is handled by the form endpoint service.

Reasons why you shouldn't code a form to email script yourself:

  • May need to learn another coding language
  • Other consultants / coders could be required to build it for you, at cost
  • Reliance on 3rd party frameworks to actually send the email
  • Potential security risks if the frameworks are not kept updated
  • You need a hosting account that supports a backend coding language like PHP or Python
  • The email needs to be sent via either an SMTP server or an email account / service
  • If sending the email from your local hosting server, it could mean the emails are marked as spam if the server has previously been compromised or classed as a spammy server
  • More difficult to update if you need additional email recipients or redirects
  • Not able to do it at all if building a Jamstack or Static HTML only website

Reasons why you should use a form endpoint service:

  • It's a hell of a lot faster than coding a solution yourself
  • You can keep all your form endpoints for all your website projects in one place
  • It's fast to update / change your form settings and behaviours instantly
  • Adding and removing recipients is easy
  • Perfect for Jamstack or Static HTML websites
  • Works great on Webflow, Vercel, Netlify, Amazon AWS, GoDaddy, Cloudflare
  • Can be used on Wordpress sites too using simple plugins like WP Serverless Forms
  • All the code, security, servers, patching and email sending is handled by the form endpoint service
  • Options to extend your forms even further and connect them to other services via services like Zapier. Great for connecting things like your CRM's or sales pipelines
  • They can handle checking the form submissions for form spam too

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what a form endpoint service is and the benefits it has. As more and more websites are turning to Jamstack sites for speed and security, form endpoint services are becoming more and more important.

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