How to get your website contact form submissions via SMS

How to get your website contact form submissions via SMS

We all know about sending form to email but what if you want to receive your contact form submissions as an SMS? Maybe you don't have email on your phone or you want it to go straight to an engineer or tradesman on the road? You can even rule out your email Spam filters too and avoid losing the form completely.

Form to SMS is a great way to get your form submissions fast and in most cases, you can set it up so you can simply click to call the form submitter back. Great right?

Setting this kind of thing up would usually take a lot of backend coding and finding an SMS provider and then building a solution to make the two work ... or you can use a form backend service like Hyperforms and get setup in minutes.

How to setup form to SMS

First we will assume that you already have a Hyperforms account, if not, create one now. Once you have an account, you need to make sure you have at least a Business plan. The Business plan gives you the form to sms features and also includes (at the time of writing) 20 SMS messages too.

So once you have created your form on Hyperforms or selected the form that you want to add the SMS option to, you're going to need to get to the form settings and click the plus next to Send SMS Notification.

Form Settings

You are then presented with a short form. This will enable you to add the mobile number you would like the forms sent to, how you want to handle long messages and then the message itself.

So first of all, we will assume you are the person wanting to receive these form submissions, so you would simply choose your country where you're located and enter your mobile number.

Then looking at the next option (Handling Long Messages), SMS messages have a 160 character limit per message. So if you have a contact form that allows people to freely type whole messages into that form, that could mean that one form submission would actually count as 4 messages (4 x 160 characters). Which may be fine if that's what you want, but if you want to restrict this to only 1 message per form submission, then you have the option here to truncate the message into 1 message.

So basically this means if the message is over 160 characters, we will take the first 160 characters and send it to you via SMS and discard the rest. Don't forget, you would still get the full message online in the Hyperforms Dashboard under Submissions and also via email. It's only the SMS that will be truncated.

This option is just an extra precaution (if required) to stop you using all your SMS allowance.

Finally we need to look at the body of the SMS. This allows you to freely type anything in here and it will be sent via SMS to you when your form is submitted. So you can mix your typed content with content that has been submitted to your form.

How? Using the tags shown in green at the bottom. These will likely be different on your form as you could be collecting any type of information. Basically these tags (like on the autoresponder feature) relate to the form fields you are collecting when someone submits your form. If you don't have any of these green tags, then it's likely you've not yet used the form. So we suggest you submit your form at least once so you have the tags available to you.

So again, this is exactly the same process as setting up an autoresponder. You type the message how you want it and the click the tags at the bottom where you want the form submission data to be output. So as you can see below, we start by saying this is being sent from a contact form. We then go on to add the name, phone and email. As we want to keep this short and only get the vital contact information to allow us to get in touch straight away. We have not included the rest of the form submission data, we know we will have that in an email or in the Hyperforms Dashboard under Submissions.

To finish the form, hit Save Form-to-SMS and you're done! The next time you receive a form submission, it should arrive via SMS to your phone, pretty cool right?

You can enable form to SMS to any Hyperform you have. If you need any help or need bulk SMS pricing, then please get in touch with us.

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